Know The Australian Marketplace In Depth To Scale Business
Top 10000 Keywords from 20 Australian Cities

The Create Product Market Fit Insiders Guide

If you're one of the entrepreneurs who is genuinely interested in how to build business products and services based on marketplace needs, then pay careful attention to this list of secrets.

The Point Of These Secrets Is: Define Your Market With Keywords

If you want to be an entrepreneur, then hear this: Australian keywords.

Fact: know the keywords used by customers in 20 Australian cities. 80% of the population.

This list spells the difference between success and failure for every entrepreneur because keyword search volume relates to marketplace demand.

Secret # 1 - Australian City Phrases

  • Which of your business keyword phrases are used by city
  • Where can your products and services be sold by city
  • How should the distribution of products and services be set based on city demand

Secret # 2 - Australian City Opportunities

  • Which keyword phrases indicate a new product / service you could provide
  • Is there enough search volume on a keyword phrase to create a new offer
  • Which synonym keyword phrase should you incorporate in your copywriting

Secret # 3 - Australian City Topic Analysis

  • Which sub topics are important to you in each city
  • Who are the top 10 competition on those sub topics
  • What customers questions are being asked under those sub topics that relate to your business

Secret # 4 - Copywriting By City

  • Which keyword phrases have enough traffic to make creating content worthwhile
  • Can unique copy using city, industry and product/service generate new business
  • What is the written competition strength and can you write something better

Secret # 5 - Marketing By City

  • Can the new content be promoted by city to accelerate business growth
  • Include all the relevant keywords phrases with your advertising campaign
  • When ads and content align with keywords the advertising cost is lower

Bottom line? You should get the keyword phrase and topic analysis for your business by Australian cities.

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20 Australian Cities Marketplace

Review the spreadsheet list below as it relates to the criteria above.

City Keyword Phrases Top 10,000 City Sub Topic Research Phrases, top 10 competition, Google topic search questions
Australian (whole country) keyword phrases Australia (whole country) sub topics
Albury Wodonga keyword phrases Albury Wodonga sub topics
Ballarat keyword phrases Ballarat sub topics
Bendigo keyword phrases Bendigo sub topics
Brisbane keyword phrases Brisbane sub topics
Cairns keyword phrases Cairns sub topics
Canberra keyword phrases Canberra sub topics
Central Coast keyword phrases Central Coast sub topics
Darwin keyword phrases Darwin sub topics
Geelong keyword phrases Geelong sub topics
Gold Coast keyword phrases Gold Coast sub topics
Hobart keyword phrases Hobart sub topics
Melbourne keyword phrases Melbourne sub topics
Newcastle keyword phrases Newcastle sub topics
Perth keyword phrases Perth sub topics
Sunshine Coast keyword phrases Subshine Coast sub topics
Sydney keyword phrases Sydney sub topics
Toowoomba keyword phrases Toowoomba sub topics
Townsville keyword phrases Townsville sub topics
Wollongong keyword phrases Wollongong sub topics
20 Cities keyword phrases and topics +
Australia phrases and topics +
Australian Keywords Worksheet (Results Workbook).
43 Spreadsheets in 1 .Zip file (12 MB).

20 Australian cities Marketplaces in depth

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