5 Clickbank Marketplace Secrets For Affiliate Marketers

If you seriously want to having popular products that sell at a profit, then I've got a list of secrets here you need to learn about FAST if you want to avoid having to work out the marketplace trends by themselves.

173 Clickbank Marketplace sub categories with product count, popularity score and average $/conversion shown below.

The Moral Of These Secrets Is: Select Products That Sell

If you want to be a successful affiliate marketer, then hear this: affiliate product selection.

The most important thing to get with this Clickbank Marketplace list is selling popular products can make more profits.

This will help anyone because careful product selection leads to faster business growth.

Secret # 1 - Customer Desire

  • Which Clickbank Marketplace categories and sub categories are popular
  • What are customers seeking solutions for
  • Make a shortlist of relevant niche categories that relate to your business

Secret # 2 - Existing Marketplace Providers

  • What products are available within your shortlist sub category niches
  • Look at the offers and the logical and emotional benefits
  • Review the offer pain points, frustrations, fears being addressed

Secret # 3 - Product Offer Method

  • What is provided in the best offer stacks
  • Information - e.g. eBooks, courses, templates, training, guides, videos, audio
  • Physical products
  • Software
  • Services - e.g. coaching, memberships, done for you service, live training

Secret # 4 - Clickbank Marketplace Affiliate

  • Can the existing product solutions extend your existing business as an affiliate
  • Scale up your offering quickly to meet the marketplace
  • Digital product often have ~ 50% commissions. See the average payout
  • Add a profitable niche and earn extra money with Clickbank

Secret # 5 - Clickbank Marketplace Seller

  • Can you make a better offer than the competition
  • Other affiliate marketing network can sell your product for commission
  • Your business can scale without advertising costs
  • Affiliates make backlinks to your product which helps with search engines

Now the thing for you to do is to review the products that work with your business and confirm market demand. Use the affiliate tools below.

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Secrets Of Clickbank Marketplace 173 Niche Categories - find popular products to sell as an affiliate

CategorySub CategoryProduct CountHighest Gravity (popularity)Highest Gravity - Average $/conversion
Arts & EntertainmentArt137.39$31.70
Arts & EntertainmentBody Art416.26$23.58
Arts & EntertainmentDance43.49$11.90
Arts & EntertainmentFilm & Television31.21$18.50
Arts & EntertainmentMagic Tricks46.79$175.33
Arts & EntertainmentMusic6676.71$20.96
Arts & EntertainmentPhotography142.62$25.06
Betting SystemsCasino Table Games51.15$44.34
Betting SystemsFootball1216.98$90.74
Betting SystemsGeneral5537.34$647.37
Betting SystemsHorse Racing5212.8$25.07
Betting SystemsSoccer115.31$94.12
Business / Investing"Career, Industries & Professions"73.08$15.97
Business / InvestingCommodities23.57$44.12
Business / InvestingDebt21.4$43.49
Business / InvestingDerivatives72.87$288.60
Business / InvestingEconomics20.74$11.31
Business / InvestingEquities & Stocks254.54$556.56
Business / InvestingForeign Exchange4024.05$163.16
Business / InvestingGeneral129.9$19.87
Business / InvestingInternational Business20.92$21.24
Business / InvestingManagement & Leadership62.94$33.88
Business / InvestingMarketing & Sales173.25$247.86
Business / InvestingPersonal Finance96.36$12.18
Business / InvestingReal Estate144.14$441.38
Business / InvestingSmall Biz / Entrepreneurship5135.82$27.27
Computers / InternetGeneral40.11$6.12
Computers / InternetGraphics40.36$16.03
Computers / InternetHardware31.05$28.00
Computers / InternetNetworking30.03$11.04
Computers / InternetSoftware67.92$12.01
Computers / InternetWeb Hosting 40.19$10.99
Computers / InternetWeb Site Design86.78$19.11
Cooking Food & WineBBQ32.71$1.33
Cooking Food & WineBaking285.01$21.39
Cooking Food & WineCooking451.64$20.71
Cooking Food & WineDrinks & Beverages30.15$8.72
Cooking Food & WineGeneral41.21$24.84
Cooking Food & WineRecipes25110.22$23.53
Cooking Food & WineSpecial Diet714.32$6.21
E-Business & E-MarketingAffiliate Marketing84154.25$166.96
E-Business & E-MarketingArticle Marketing86.67$313.07
E-Business & E-MarketingBanners20.1$13.96
E-Business & E-MarketingBlog Marketing121.84$13.98
E-Business & E-MarketingCopywriting40.31$11.99
E-Business & E-MarketingE-commerce Operations2258.38$90.23
E-Business & E-MarketingE-zine Strategies10.19$90.08
E-Business & E-MarketingEmail Marketing20141.08$226.43
E-Business & E-MarketingGeneral57104.12$41.73
E-Business & E-MarketingMarketing 27222.28$16.45
E-Business & E-MarketingNiche Marketing204.65$6.37
E-Business & E-MarketingPaid Surveys63.57$22.80
E-Business & E-MarketingPay Per Click Advertising51.21$13.62
E-Business & E-MarketingPromotion62.2$25.18
E-Business & E-MarketingSEM & SEO228.6$362.26
E-Business & E-MarketingSocial Media Marketing23100.25$27.78
E-Business & E-MarketingVideo Marketing14194.33$32.83
EducationEducational Materials192.33$27.65
EducationHigher Education30.54$15.40
EducationTest Prep & Study Guides176.71$26.03
Employment & JobsCover Letter & Resume Guides60.18$25.72
Employment & JobsGeneral72.11$34.90
Employment & JobsJob Listings864.15$76.38
Employment & JobsJob Search Guides56.98$20.21
Employment & JobsJob Skills / Training131.72$17.93
GamesStrategy Guides1013.03$121.81
Green ProductsAlternative Energy2956.09$63.31
Green ProductsConservation & Efficiency6129.77$54.59
Green ProductsGeneral56.41$20.03
Health & FitnessAddiction1513.39$42.10
Health & FitnessBeauty4014.98$126.40
Health & FitnessDental Health11277.51$107.04
Health & FitnessDietary Supplements55287.49$114.43
Health & FitnessDiets & Weight Loss236405.06$128.01
Health & FitnessExercise & Fitness17377.52$47.49
Health & FitnessGeneral53255.97$131.40
Health & FitnessMeditation1015.5$16.43
Health & FitnessMen's Health9069.39$44.58
Health & FitnessMental Health2523.69$45.41
Health & FitnessNutrition2779.33$41.70
Health & FitnessRemedies190305.79$50.02
Health & FitnessSleep and Dreams1261.49$40.24
Health & FitnessSpiritual Health119.3$31.13
Health & FitnessStrength Training4113.02$31.52
Health & FitnessWoman's Health4878.74$50.53
Health & FitnessYoga115.11$30.44
Home & GardenAnimal Care & Pets72157.91$31.49
Home & GardenCrafts & Hobbies48227.1$64.43
Home & GardenGardening & Horticulture324.57$25.61
Home & GardenHow-to & Home Improvements2990.63$25.94
Home & GardenInterior Design50.17$3.59
Home & GardenWeddings23.69$16.03
LanguagesSign Language12.63$37.48
MobileDeveloper Tools20.46$46.76
Parenting & FamiliesDivorce67.47$127.45
Parenting & FamiliesEducation 830.37$266.65
Parenting & FamiliesGenealogy10.54$6.37
Parenting & FamiliesGeneral41.44$18.62
Parenting & FamiliesMarriage50.6$20.59
Parenting & FamiliesParenting1654.57$27.28
Parenting & FamiliesPregnancy & Childbirth1419.64$35.50
Parenting & FamiliesSpcial Needs30.25$17.98
ReferenceCatalogs & Directories310.99$17.92
ReferenceConsumer Guides41.38$23.20
Self-HelpDating Guides15232.97$80.06
Self-HelpMarriage & Relationships158169.99$52.63
Self-HelpMotivational / Transformational7720.27$45.00
Self-HelpPersonal Finance168.33$50.41
Self-HelpPublic Speaking50.47$17.30
Self-HelpSelf Defence1561.84$37.74
Self-HelpStress Management121.77$43.23
Self-HelpTime Management41.23$14.39
Software & ServicesDigital Photos10.31$30.00
Software & ServicesEducation40.13$18.08
Software & ServicesEmail 50.84$42.34
Software & ServicesForeign Exchange Investing165.38$106.89
Software & ServicesGeneral65.91$9.60
Software & ServicesGraphic Design70.8$234.77
Software & ServicesInternet Tools117.79$16.53
Software & ServicesMP3 & Audio53.79$30.83
Software & ServicesProductivity145.15$5.88
Software & ServicesSecurity20.62$49.06
Software & ServicesUtilities71.23$23.56
Software & ServicesVideo 1618.09$36.36
Software & ServicesWeb Design53.01$7.35
"Spirituality, New Age & Alternative Beliefs"Astrology1562.21$11.07
"Spirituality, New Age & Alternative Beliefs"General92186.71$21.90
"Spirituality, New Age & Alternative Beliefs"Hypnosis232.66$28.32
"Spirituality, New Age & Alternative Beliefs"Magic 32.98$33.07
"Spirituality, New Age & Alternative Beliefs"Numerology3215.43$18.35
"Spirituality, New Age & Alternative Beliefs"Paranormal71.01$16.61
"Spirituality, New Age & Alternative Beliefs"Psychics8126.65$179.61
"Spirituality, New Age & Alternative Beliefs"Religion121.28$13.23
"Spirituality, New Age & Alternative Beliefs"Tarot116.06$32.94
"Spirituality, New Age & Alternative Beliefs"Witchcraft1412.06$28.67
SportsIndividual Sports40.74$16.06
SportsMartial Arts101.03$10.59
SportsOutdoors & Nature91.15$21.60
SportsRacket Sports50.65$31.71
SportsWater Sports24.42$11.17
TravelSpecialty Travel10.03$10.71
TravelUnited States21.76$8.17
Quantity173 Niche Categories3381 products

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Clickbank Marketplace 173 categories of products with market data