9 Best Business Sustainability Secrets You're Not Supposed To Know About - Email Secrets

If you're a small business who is excited to gain customers, then here is a list of tips you need to know if you want to avoid having to perform manual customer acquisitions.

The Point Of This Email Sequences List Is: Email Can Be Used To Create Customers

A quick email sequences list for small business success: email sequences can create customers from prospects.

The most important thing you need to understand with this is that prospect gathering and nurturing can be automated.

Small businesses need to understand this list is key because email can help maintain a sales pipeline automatically.

Tip # 1 - Email User Count

  • There are 3.9 Billion Internet users with email addresses
  • Emails can be read on mobile, tablet or PC
  • Your ideal customers will likely have an email address

Tip # 2 - Emails Can Be Gained Using A Free Offer

  • Provide something your ideal customer wants as a free offer
  • E.g. Guide, eBook, PDF, Checklist, Mini course, Template...
  • The offer topic self selects your ideal prospects

Tip # 3 - New Email Is Added To Your Email List

  • The new email is automatically added your your email list
  • The email sequence begins from the time of subscription
  • Value (free offer) can be delivered to your new prospect in minutes (24/7)

Tip # 4 - Initial Email Sequence

  • Automate the first ~ 10 emails
  • Provide value to prospect to build trust
  • Ask prospects to follow you on social media
  • Link to more paid offers

Tip # 5 - Email Business Benefits

  • Your email list is a business asset
  • Prospects are warmed up for lifetime sales
  • Sending email is much cheaper than ads

Tip # 6 - Broadcast Emails

  • Emails can be sent to your email list at any time
  • E.g. New product offers, monthly newsletter, events...
  • Keep your brand top of mind for when the prospect is ready to buy

Tip # 7 - Business Scaling With Email

  • The email sequence is setup once
  • The email list can scale to thousands of prospects
  • Emails can be used to drive more purchases into the future

Tip # 8 - Lead Prospects To Your Free Offer

  • Drive internet traffic to your free offer
  • E.g. Social media post, Google search, Article link, YouTube video, paid ads
  • Free offer collects more emails than paid offers

Tip # 9 - Repeat The Process For Each Customer Segment

  • Different prospects may respond to different free offers (lead magnets)
  • Email sequences can be copied to save time
  • Control your sales pipelines

At this point you should consider email sequences as your sales pipeline input.

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