Facebook audience strategy targeting and implementation.

If you want to gain audience, marketplace and competition knowledge, then pay very close attention to what I'm about to share with you about Facebook Audience Research Tool , a new web page that assists Entreprenuers to gain audience, marketplace and competition knowledge.

In a nutshell, this web page makes it simple for you to gain Facebook audience, marketplace and competition knowledge by providing current resources around your niche product or service.

Everyone should definitely use this tool because this tool provides real time information about the marketplace

  • This tool shows trends for your Facebook audience
  • This tool shows which groups your audience can be found
  • This tool show your direct competition and where they are focusing on

Here's why you should check it out...

  • Learn the phrases being used by your audience which means better content
  • Learn if your product niche is growing or contracting which means adapting to the market
  • Find out where your audience goes online which can be used for ad targeting
  • Learn the competing product offerings which can help tailor a unique value proposition

Here's your action plan to put Facebook Audience Research Tool to work fast:

  • List your competitor products and where they are found online to see if you should market there
  • Build a list of questions being asked by your audience so that you can incorporate these questions with answers in your product descriptions
  • List the groups your audience is interested in for potential ad targeting later
  • Build content and ads using your customer's language in terms of benefits, pains and gains

And, oh yes, let’s not forget... this incredible tool is Free.

Facebook Audience Research Tool

This tool create research links around your product or service topic.
Enter your main product or service and then click Perform Facebook Audience Research button.
Custom links will be created around your topic. Each link when clicked will open a new Internet Browser tab.
Research Facebook, the market, competitors and customers. There is a copy paste writing area below. Export your insights. Repeat process as often as you like.

Product or Service Link Link Description
Facebook (topic) Facebook Search for product/service
What are the big Facebook Posts on your topic? Are there advertisers on the topic? See the current topics themes.
Facebook Group (topic) Facebook Group Search for product/service
What are the big Facebook Groups on your topic? How many followers do they contain? Join some. See the prospects concerns, desires...
Facebook Page (topic) Facebook Page Search for product/service
What are the big Facebook Pages on your topic? Which businesses are involved? Like some. See the competitors style. Model the good ones.
Google (topic) Google Search for product or service
What are the competitors? Is there advertising on the topic? What title styles get the most traffic?
At the bottom look at the Searches related to (topic).
See if there are products under the Shopping tab.
Google (topic) results Google Search for product/service results
What are the biggest results on the topic? How has the competition helped provide the results? Text, video, pictures...
Google (topic) problems Google Search for product/service problems
What are the biggest problems on the topic? How has the competition helped resolve the problems? Text, video, pictures...
Google (topic) questions Google Search for product/service questions
What are the customer most popular questions? What web page styles with answers are most popular?
Can you write a better response?
Google (topic) mistakes Google Search for product/service mistakes
What are the biggest mistakes on the topic? How has the competition helped resolve the mistakes? Text, video, pictures...
Google (topic) roadblocks Google Search for product/service roadblocks
What are the biggest roadblocks on the topic? How has the competition helped resolve the roadblocks? Text, video, pictures...
YouTube (topic) YouTube Search for product/service
What are the most popular video titles by views? What are the most popular Channels around your topic? Also check the websites from the videos.
Google Trends (topic) Google Trends Analysis for product/service
Adjust the country, date range, Websearch / Image Search / Google Shopping Search / YouTube Search. Is the topic rising or falling?
Check related topics. Check related queries.
Amazon (topic) Amazon Search for product/service
See where your topic shows up in Amazon. Products, books, videos, kits, toys...
Consider Fulfillment by Amazon for global distribution.
More filters are on the left and top.
AliExpress (topic) AliExpress Search for product/service
See where your topic shows up in AliExpress (global merchants). You could also be a global merchant.
Google Books (topic) Google Books Search for product/service
See where your topic shows up in books. Can you write a book to add value to your product or service?
ClickBank Search (topic) Find affiliate products around your niche.
Become an affiliate for their products and earn commisions or make your own product and have affiliates sell for you.
Become a member (free) to see more listings.
Buzz Sumo (topic) Buzz Sumo Search for product/service
What are the top trending content in social media on your topic by engagement? Can you do something similar?
There is a limit on how many time per day you can use this tool.

Select All (Ctrl A), Copy (Ctrl C) and Paste (Ctrl V) your results to a document, email, note...

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