5 Accelerated Business Growth Steps Every Entrepreneur Needs To Know

If you're a entrepreneur who is serious about learning how to make faster sales, then pay careful attention to this list of secrets.

The Big Idea With This List Is: Facebook Can Accelerate Affiliate Sales

Want a simple accelerated affiliate sales list to put Successful Entrepreneur after your name?
Then understand that creating a scalable sales funnel(s).

Truth: you can have better profit margins with planning.

This list comes next to gain the framework for accelerated sales.

Secret # 1 - Smart Affiliate Product Choice

  • Popular products should be selected with research
  • Products with higher commission percent get better return on investment
  • Product with higher prices get better return on investment

Secret # 2 - Specific Audience Selection

  • Define who is the ideal customer for your product
  • What are their interests, pains, question, roadblocks
  • What are their jobs to do, desires, goals
  • Know the popular customer keywords to use

Secret # 3 - Copywriting

  • Appeal to customers at emotional and logical levels
  • Compare before and after product scenarios
  • Unique selling proposition. Show why you are different.
  • Suporting Imagery for curiousity/engagement

Secret # 4 - Build Sales Funnel

  • Landing Web Page. Valuable information provided as promised.
  • Email collection. Email can be used for offers into the future. e.g. automatic email sequence.
  • Affiliate link. Call to Action for the next step.

Secret # 5 - Facebook Ads For Accelerated Sales

  • Perform small audience tests
  • Refine the audience targeting
  • Refine the sales funnel steps for conversions
  • Scale up profitable return on ad spend. Add lookalike audiences.

So now the thing for you to do is to investigate potential product audience market fit.

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