9 Scalable Business Tips Every Entrepreneur Needs To Know
The Business Model For Sales Pipelines

If your goal is to become a global successful entrepreneur, then here is a list of secrets you need to know if you want to avoid having to build your own products to sell.

The Bottom Line Of These 9 Secrets Is: Sales Funnels

The main idea for every entrepreneur with this online sales list is that selling other people products and then your own products.

As a entrepreneur, here's what this really means: having the ability to scale up sales quickly.

This is key because sales funnels can be replicated for more profitable business growth.

Secret # 1 - What Is An Advanced Sales Funnel

  • Landing web page with free offer in exchange for email address
  • Thank you for email page with sales page link
  • Email sequence to provide more offer links

Secret # 2 - Why Is A Sales Funnel Important

  • Email list is being built up over time
  • Email list is a business asset
  • Emails can be sent to list with more offers into the future

Secret # 3 - How Can I Sell Without Products

  • Affiliates sells other people products for a commission
  • E.g. Amazon Associates. Sell almost anything available on Amazon.
  • Alternatives include eBay, Best Buy, Apple store, Google store...

Secret # 4 - How Can I Sell Digital Products

  • Digital products have higher affiliate commissions. e.g. 50%
  • Instant delivery
  • Commission can be paid weekly

Secret # 5 - Where Are The Digital Product Marketplaces

  • Clickbank - physical and digital products - Over 40,000 products
  • ShareASale - physical and digital products - 4500+ merchants
  • JVZoo - e.g. Digital products and online courses...

Secret # 6 - How To Become An Affiliate

  • Sign up to the affiliate provider. Check the conditions.
  • Get a unique affiliate code relating to you
  • Set up payment details to your bank

Secret # 7 - How To Sell As An Affiliate

  • Your product link will include your affiliate code
  • E.g. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002Q6XUE4/tag=affiliate-code
  • Each affiliate provider will have slightly different link style

Secret # 8 - How To Sell Globally Across Stores

  • Physical stores can have multiple countries supplying goods. e.g, Amazon
  • Multiple stores can sell the same product in a country
  • Use Geniuslink to create an in country affiliate link for the buyer automatically

Secret # 9 - Sell Your Own Digital Products Later

  • If you sell the product you get close to 100% profits
  • Others can sell your product for a commission
  • You have your own salesforce for fast global growth

Now the thing for you to do is to consider building sales funnels for affiliate or your own sales.

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