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Ranking On Google

If your business website uses popular keywords then it can access the 5 Billion Google searches per day. This means more traffic, prospects and customers.

Keyword Research

Start by learning the keywords being used by your customers and in your industry. Make a short list as it relates to your business.
Find the search volume on your keyword short list and the competition keyword difficulty level. See a sample below.

National SEO

By adding your city and the keyword together you then can rank in your national area. This bypasses global competitors who do not mention city names.

Online Marketing

Create high quality content using city and keywords that are superior to the competition. Share and promote the new content.
Website rankings will appear in a few days. Free organic traffic from Google will climb over time.
The more content you make the more keyword phrases you can rank for which helps grow your business.

Australia Topic Research

Review the table to see what city SEO keywords could be used with your business website.

Australia Sub Topic Search Volume per month Keyword Difficulty 1-100 Sample Content Question
australia post 1000000 91 How to track your package on Australia Post?
australia map 201000 84 Is Australia much bigger than it appears on the map?
australia population 201000 83 Why does Australia have so few major cities?
australia flag 135000 81 What is the Australian flag?
great barrier reef 74000 80 Which city is closest to the Great Barrier Reef?
australia movie 12100 83 What is the best Australian movie of all time?
australia tourism 9900 88 Is Australia a good travel destination?
australia china 5400 82 What are the Australian view on China?
aboriginal and torres strait islander 3600 85 Are Aboriginal Australian people friendly?
connection to land 30 0 What do Australian Aborigines call their native land?

Next SEO Steps

The above table is an extract showing sub topics by Australia. Each city has 100's of content questions your website could answer. Download all the results below.

Keyword data can also be gained from your website and that of your competitors. See all the popular keywords in your industry and the competition levels. Order customer keyword research below.

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